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Inspired by ABC's War On Waste, our students have decided to wage their own war on waste. After completing their own waste audit they are committing to reducing our two biggest waste offenders: soft plastics and food waste.

Soft Plastics

Soft plastics are single use and commonly found wrapped around all our food. They can't be recycled through traditional means, only through being taken to Redcycle drop off points at Woolworths supermarkets. Through waste-free Wednesdays, students want to reduce the amount of soft plastics brought into the school, with any soft plastics brought in taken to Redcycle drop off points.

Food Waste

We learnt that we have a lot of food waste, some of it even being whole sandwiches and whole fruits! We are currently investigating ways to sustainably dispose of our food waste as chickens and compost will not work on our school site. If you have any ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Waste Free Wednesdays

Our first initiative to help our community to reduce waste is by not bringing in any on Wednesdays. Although this might seem difficult, it's not so hard once you start! For more information and ideas for creating a waste free lunchbox, please click here.

The class that have the least amount of waste on Wednesdays will get a special reward with the principal. All soft plastics will be taken to Redcycle dropoff points on this day, and all food waste composted in family homes.

Impact on our school

Since starting Waste Free Wednesday and recycling our soft plastics, we have seen:

  • 75% reduction in soft plastics being brought into school
  • Classes educated in how to avoid plastic
  • 3 out of 4 playground bins removed
  • Change of school waste contract to a cheaper company that will compost our food waste¬†

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